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An seamless steel pipe(SMLS Pipe) is a pipe that has no welding seam. Commercial, industrial, and residential customers will typically choose seamless steel pipes for their durability in various applications.

UNIASEN’s seamless steel pipes are available in various dimensions and steel grades, each designed to meet different industry standards. If you want to wholesale seamless steel pipes, be sure to refer to the following parameters.

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Introduction of  Seamless Steel Pipe

  • Name: Seamless(SMLS)Steel Pipe/Tube
  • Standard: API 5L/API 5CT, ASTM A106, ASTM A179/ASTM A789/ASTM A333, ASTM A192, ASTM A210, ASTM A213, ASTM A312, DN17175/EN10216 /DIN1629, DIN2391/EN10305-1
  • Grade: GR.A, GR.B,10#, 20#
    X42, X46, X52, X56,X60,X70, H40, J55, K55, N80,P110
  • Types: Line Pipe, Tubing and Casing, Boiler Pipe, Drilling Pipe and etc.
  • Sizes:
    Out diameter: 1/4″-36″(13.7mm ~914mm, DN8~ DN900)
    Thickness:1.65mm ~30.96mm(SCH 5S ~SCH XXS)
  • Surface Coating: Varnishing, Oiling, Hot Dip Galvanizing(FBE, 2PP, 3PP, 2PE, 3PE)
  • End Type: Plain, Bevelled, Threaded, Grooved
  • Joint Method: Fitting, Flange, Coupling, Clamp, Pipe Shoulder, Welding
  • Pipe Machining: Welding, Bending, Hole Drilling, Punching, Swaging, Tapering, Flaring, Expanding
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Advantages of Seamless steel Pipe

The condition of seamless steel pipes is crucial in many fields, particularly in applications demanding top quality, performance, and safety. Many engineers and manufacturers choose this material because it has special benefits and can be used in different ways. Here are its main advantages:

Uniform Shape

Seamless steel pipes are generally more dimensionally precise and more stable in shape than welded steel pipes.

High Strength

Seamless steel pipes have a uniform structure and high compressive strength because there are no welds.

Corrosion Resistance

Seamless steel pipes have a smooth surface with no unevenness on the welds. This reduces the chance of corrosion.

Extreme Temperature

Since the manufacturing process of seamless steel pipes does not involve welding. So they can handle extreme temperatures and are less likely to crack. 

Process of seamless steel pipe

A cylindrical bar of steel is used to produce SMLS pipe. After heating the bar to a high temperature, a probe is put into the cylinder to produce a hole. The cylinder is then moved to rollers that shape it to the required diameter and wall thickness.

Application of seamless carbon steel pipe

Due to superior mechanical strength and absence of seams, seamless steel pipe is frequently used as water wall pipes, boiling water pipes, superheated steam pipes, superheated steam pipes for locomotive boilers, and arched brick pipes. Specifically throughout the nuclear, natural gas, petrochemical, shipbuilding, and boiler sectors.

What is Seamless Steel Pipe?

An SMLS pipe is a pipe without any welded connections. Idealistically, the seamless pipe will be a solid metal pipe with each end welded directly to another pipe.

Typically, a seamless pipe begins as a billet, a solid cylindrical hunk of steel. The billet is pierced in the center with a mandrel while it is still hot. The hollow billet is next rolled and stretched; this operation minimizes internal tensions and eliminates burrs from the interior of the pipe. After being rolled and stretched, the pipe is warmed to produce exact dimensions and thoroughly harden its surface.

SMLS steel pipe is widely used in engineering and construction; it is a hollow steel strip with no seams; it is primarily used to transport liquids through pipelines; it has a distinct appearance and is made of a heavy type of steel; it has a high resistance to corrosion and is resistant to general corrosion. This quality allows seamless steel tubes to have a longer lifespan, but what is essential is that they are extremely pure and free of contaminants.

Seamless steel pipe has a high mechanical resistance, regardless of how high the temperature is, seamless steel pipe is uninterested in impact, it is installed and the other pipe is the same, it can replace other piped water and other fluids.

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Seamless vs Welded Pipe

SMLS pipe is made using an extrusion method, which involves inflating a cylindrical metal tube through an opening in a die and then cutting it to lengths. The seamless pipe has no welded joint; thus, it has more strength and higher pressure capacity than equivalent size seamed pipes. The seamed pipe is made in a rolling process, which means that the welded joint is formed during production.

Seamless Pipe

  • Price High In Price
  • No Welded Joint
  • Raw Material: Solid Round Billets
  • Outer Diameter: 1/8 Inch To 26 Inch
  • Main Application: High-Pressure
  • Thickness Tolerance: Instability
  • Length Tolerance: Instability

Welded Pipe

  • Relatively Cheap In Price
  • A Welded Joint In Its Cross-Section
  • Raw Material: Steel Coils
  • Outer Diameter: 2-3/8 Inch To 24 Inch
  • Main Application: Low/ Medium Pressure
  • Thickness Tolerance: Relatively Accurate
  • Length Tolerance: Relatively Accurate

FAQs about Seamless Steel Pipe

UNIASEN’s seamless steel pipe products are produced using high-quality carbon steel raw materials.

We will purchase from China’s top raw material suppliers according to your standards and steel grade requirements, such as Baogang, Shougang, HBIS, etc.

As a Chinese carbon steel pipe supplier with more than 20 years of experience, UNIASEN has a complete service system. If there is a problem with your product, we will typically send one of our quality experts to your location to handle the situation.

Seamless steel pipes are usually better than welded steel pipes. They have several advantages, such as:

  1. No welds: Seamless steel pipes are made from one piece of steel billet, without any welds. This avoids welds that might happen during welding. By eliminating potential weaknesses from welding, the pipe becomes stronger overall.
  2. Higher compressive strength: Seamless steel pipes don’t have welds, so their structure is more uniform. This gives them higher compressive strength. This makes seamless steel pipes more suitable in high-pressure and high-temperature environments.
  3. Better corrosion resistance: Seamless steel pipes have a smooth surface, reducing the chance of corrosion. The welds are even. Seamless steel pipes are more reliable in applications that need corrosion resistance.
  4. Suitable for high and low temperature environments: Seamless steel pipes are good for high and low temperature environments. They don’t crack easily.
  5. Precise dimensions and stable shape: Seamless steel pipes are usually more precise in size and more stable in shape than welded ones. This is better for bigger applications, like making precision machinery and equipment.

We implement more than 50 international standards.

Among them, the international standards for seamless steel pipes include API 5L, API 5CT, ASTM A106, ASTM A179, ASTM A789, DN17175, EN10216, etc.

If you have detailed standards or technical requirements, please contact us and we will discuss your requirements in depth.

This depends on the inventory, we usually have 20,000 tons of steel pipes in stock.

If the seamless steel pipe you ordered is in stock, we usually deliver the stocked products to the shipping port within 7 days.

If the product you require is not in stock, we usually complete production within 30 days.

After receiving the goods, check the following aspects of the seamless steel pipe:

  • Appearance Quality
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Chemical composition

UNIASEN is a carbon steel pipe manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years of experience.

We supply steel pipes to over 50 countries and regions worldwide. We have top-quality products, professional technical services, and complete after-sales support.

The length of seamless steel pipes usually follows standards, and common lengths include 6 meters and 12 meters.

The length range of seamless steel pipes we provide is 3m-18m. If you have special needs, we can also customize non-standard lengths according to your needs.

When choosing a seamless steel pipe specification for a project, multiple factors are considered. Here are some guiding steps and considerations:

1. Understand project requirements:

Figure out why the pipe is used: for carrying liquids, gases, or for building structures.

2. Consider the work environment:

Think about the environmental conditions for the pipeline, like temperature, pressure, and chemicals. In certain conditions, like extreme heat, pressure, or corrosive surroundings, special seamless steel pipes may be needed.

3. Check out relevant standards:

To find out the specifications and performance requirements for seamless steel pipe in specific applications, you can refer to international, national, or industry standards. Common standards include ASTM, API, DIN, etc.

4. Determine pipe size:

To meet engineering specifications, find the size of the seamless steel pipe: outer diameter, wall thickness, and length. These dimensions should meet the flow requirements and structural design of the project.

5. Consider corrosion resistance:

Choose stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant alloys if the media will corrode the pipe.

6. Pay attention to compressive strength:

Compressive strength is generally affected by pipe material and wall thickness.

7. Follow the project budget:

Make sure the specifications of the seamless steel pipe you choose fit within the project budget. The prices of seamless steel pipes of different specifications and materials may vary greatly.

8. Consider maintainability:

When choosing steel pipes for a pipeline, consider maintenance requirements and opt for easy-to-maintain seamless specifications. This helps reduce maintenance costs in the future.

9. Comply with regulations and safety standards:

Make sure the seamless steel pipe specifications follow local and national rules and are safe.

10. Communicate with UNIASEN steel pipe manufacturer:

If you’re not sure how to choose, contact us for professional advice. We will give you personalized solutions based on your project needs and advise you on performance and suitability. Plus, we’ll provide you with the best quote.