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ERW Pipe(Electric Resistance Welded Pipe), ERW Carbon Steel Pipe

Out Diameter: 21.3mm ~ 610mm
Wall Thickness: 2mm ~ 17.48mm
Length: 3 ~ 18 mtrs

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Standard & Specifications of ERW Pipe 

ProcedureERW (Electrical Resistance Weld)
Dimensions21.3mm ~ 610mm
1/2″ ~ 24″
DN15~ DN600
Thickness2mm ~ 17.48mm
Unit Length3 ~ 18 mtrs
StandardsAPI 5CT
AS 1163
EN 10217
EN 1029
JIS G3444
JIS G 3452
BS 1387
Surface CoatingVarnishing, Oiling, Hot Dip Galvanizing
FBE, 2PP, 3PP, 2PE, 3PE
End TypePlain, Bevelled, Threaded, Grooved
Joint MethodFitting, Flange, Coupling, Clamp, Pipe Shoulder, Welding
Pipe MachiningWelding, Bending, Hole Drilling, Punching, Swaging, Tapering, Flaring, Expanding
ApplicationOil & Gas, Water Transmission, Solar Energy, Fire Fighting, Construction, Piling Work, Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication

What is ERW Pipe?

ERW pipe is a type of steel pipe whose name stands for “Electric Resistance Welded Pipe.” It is a steel pipe manufactured through the resistance welding process, which involves crimping a steel plate into a tube and then resistance welding on both sides of the tube, welding the edges together to create a seamless weld.

ERW pipe is mainly used in the transportation of oil, natural gas, and other vaporous-liquid objects. In order to meet different needs for high and low-pressure operation, ERW steel tubes have been developed into various specifications, according to their properties.

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ERW Pipe_What is ERW Pipe

Application of ERW Pipes

ERW pipes are broadly used by the industries for their excellent properties, durability, and cost-effectiveness. The top application areas of ERW pipes include construction, water and gas conveyance, automobile sector, oil country tubulars (OCTG), and power generation projects. These pipes offer great strength, toughness, and durability to the end-users.

How is ERW Pipe Made?

In the Electric Resistance Welding process, ERW pipe is made by shaping a flat sheet of steel into a cylindrical shape first. A current is passed between the steel cylinder’s two edges to heat the steel to the point where the edges are pressed together with no welding material required.

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The Difference between ERW and Seamless Pipe

ERW Pipe and Seamless Pipe are two different types of steel pipe, they have some obvious differences in manufacturing process, appearance, performance and other aspects. The following are the main differences between them:

ERW Pipe

  • Relatively Cheap In Price
  • A Welded Joint In Its Cross-Section
  • Raw Material: Steel Coils
  • Outer Diameter: 2-3/8 Inch To 24 Inch
  • Main Application: Low/ Medium Pressure
  • Thickness Tolerance: Relatively Accurate
  • Length Tolerance: Relatively Accurate

Seamless Pipe

  • High In Price
  • No Welded Joint
  • Raw Material: Solid Round Billets
  • Outer Diameter: 1/8 Inch To 26 Inch
  • Main Application: High-Pressure
  • Thickness Tolerance: Instability
  • Length Tolerance: Instability

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