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ASTM A135 Electric Resistance Welded Steel Pipe

ASTM A135/A135M is a standard specification published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It covers electric resistance welding steel pipe for conveying gas, vapor, water, or other liquid.

The steel can be cast in ingots or strand cast, providing flexibility in production.We make these pipes from flat rolled steel. They come in individual lengths or continuous length. The welding process removes any extraneous material.

The manufacturing process involves either basic-oxygen or electric-furnace procedures, ensuring the highest quality.

For Grade B pipes, they heat-treat the weld seam after welding. This ensures no unaltered martensite remains.

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Astm A135 Grades(Grade A& Grade B)

ASTM A135 Grade A:

Grade A pipes are manufactured using resistance welding, and the welds must pass the water pressure test.

This kind of pipe is frequently utilized in general piping applications and low-pressure hydraulic systems.

Grade A pipe’s weld has certain mechanical properties requirements. But, its strength and corrosion resistance are slightly lower than grade B pipe’s.

ASTM A135 Grade B:

Grade B pipes are manufactured by welding, and the welds must pass the hydraulic test.

Grade B pipes have higher weld and strength requirements than grade A pipes.

This type of pipe is often used in general low-pressure piping and fire control systems.

ASTM A135 Specification

ASTM A135 pipe is made using basic oxygen or electric furnace methods. The steel can be cast into ingots or continuously cast. We offer many steel grades. They have different surface coatings, end types, and joint methods. Our product will match your needs.

StandardASTM A135
Dimensions26.7mm – 762mm
2″ – 30″
DN20 – DN750
Thickness1.52mm – 12.7mm
Unit Length2.4 – 11.6m
Steel GradeASTM A135 Gr. A/ASTM A135 Gr. B
Surface CoatingOiling, or a mill coating or a special coating
End TypePlain, Bevelled, Threaded
Joint MethodFitting, Flange, Coupling, Clamp, Pipe Shoulder, Welding
Pipe MachiningWelding, Bending, Hole Drilling, Punching, Swaging, Tapering, Flaring, Expanding

ASTM A135 Dimension

We offer two grades of steel for our ASTM A135 standardized Steel Pipes:

  • Grade A
  • Grade B

Grade A is a versatile grade suitable for a wide range of applications.

Grade B has been heat treated after welding, making it ideal for more demanding applications.

There is no obvious difference in the manufacturing process and appearance between Grade A and Grade B steel pipes. The main difference lies in the requirements for chemical composition and mechanical properties. Both grades meet the required chemical and mechanical requirements, ensuring a high-quality product.

TABLE X1.1 Dimensions, Nominal Weights (Masses), and Test Pressures for Light Wall Steel Pipe
Diameter, in.
Schedule 10Test Pressure, psi [MPa]A
in. [mm]
(Mass) Per
Unit Length
lb/ft [kg/m]
Grade AGrade B
3⁄4201.050 [26.7]0.083 [2. 11]0.86 [1.28]2500
[17  200]
[17  200]
1251.315 [33.4]0. 109 [2.77]1.41 [2.09]2500
[17  200]
[17  200]
11⁄4321.660 [42.2]0. 109 [2.77]1.81 [2.69]2400
[16  500]
[17  200]
11⁄2401.900 [48.3]0. 109 [2.77]2.09 [3. 11]2100
[14  500]
[16  500]
2502.375 [60.3]0. 109 [2.77]2.64 [3.93]1700
[11  700]
[13  100]
21⁄2652.875 [73.0]0. 120 [3.05]3.53 [5.26]1500
[10  300]
[11  700]
3803.500 [88.9]0. 120 [3.05]4.34 [6.46]1200
[8  200]
[9  600]
31⁄2904.000 [101.6]0. 120 [3.05]4.98 [7.41]1000
[6  900]
[8  200]
41004.500 [114.3]0. 120 [3.05]5.62 [8.37]900 [6  200]1100
[7  600]
51255.563 [141.3]0. 134 [3.40]7.78 [11.58]850 [5  900]1000
[6  900]
A    The test pressures are calculated by the following equation (but need not exceed 2500 psi or [17  200 KPa]):

P      =    pressure, psi [kPa],
S      =    fiber stress 60 % of the specified minimum yield strength, psi [kPa],
t        =    specified wall thickness, in. [mm], and
D      =    specified outside diameter, in. [mm].

Chemical Requirement

Chemical Requirements
ElementComposition, max, %
Grade AGrade B

Mechanical Requirement

Mechanical RequirementOur ASTM A135/A135M steel pipes undergo many tests. These test include tensile, flattening, and hydrostatic tests. You can choose to do non-destructive electrical testing. You can use either electromagnetic (eddy current) or ultrasonic testing. It is an alternative to hydrostatic testing.

Tensile Requirements
 Mechanical PropertiesGrade AGrade B
Tensile strength, min, ksi [MPa]48 [330]60 [415]
Yield strength, min, ksi [MPa]30 [205]35 [240]
Elongation in 2 in. or [50 mm], min, %:
          For pipe having a specified wall thickness of 5⁄16  in. [7.9 mm] or more, if tested using a longitudinal strip test specimen.
For pipe having a specified wall thickness of less than 5⁄16  in. [7.9 mm], if tested using a longitudinal strip test specimen.AB
For pipe of any size, if tested using a full-size longitudinal test specimen.3530
A    The minimum elongation shall be determined by the following equation, with the calculated value rounded to the nearest percent:
E=elongation in 2 in. or [50 mm], minimum, %, and
t=specified wall thickness, in. [mm].
B  The minimum elongation shall be determined by the following equation, with the calculated value rounded to the nearest percent:
E=elongation in 2 in. or [50 mm], minimum, %, and
t=specified wall thickness, in. [mm].

ASTM A135 vs ASTM A53

Manufacturing process:

ASTM A135: Welded or seamless manufacturing, welding seams subject to hydraulic test.

ASTM A53: It can be made in hot-rolled or cold-drawn processes. These processes increase strength and corrosion resistance.

Material characteristics:

ASTM A135: Welded tubing, Grade A and Grade B are common.

ASTM A53: Divided into classes A and B, usually seamless manufacturing.


ASTM A135: Mainly used in applications such as low-pressure hydraulic systems, piping, and fire control systems.

ASTM A53: It is good for general industry and conventional pressure piping systems. It is for systems like water supply, gas, steam, and air conditioning.

Why is ASTM A135 Painted Red?

In actual use, one will find that ASTM A135 tubing is usually painted red. This is for easy identification and differentiation.

ASTM A135 pipe is for low-pressure and fire control systems. To set it apart from other pipes and to make maintenance and inspection easier, some makers and users choose to identify ASTM A135 pipe.

The red identifier helps engineers and builders. It helps them quickly see the type of pipe used. This ensures the safety and reliability of the system.

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