ISO 65

What is ISO 65?

ISO 65 is an international standard. It specifies the requirements for steel tubes used for the conveyance of water and other aqueous liquids.
It provides guidelines for the dimensions, tolerances, and mechanical properties of these tubes. This ensures their suitability for water supply systems and other related applications.
ISO 65 helps to ensure the safety and efficiency of water transportation infrastructure worldwide.

Product Description

At UNIASEN, it is Available in both seamless and welded forms.
We offer these tubes in several series: heavy, medium, light series 1, and light series 2.
With dimensions from DN 6 to DN 150, our ISO 65 Carbon steel tubes are versatile and adaptable, fulfilling the diverse needs of our international customers.
We provide various end types and joint methods to accommodate diverse assembly needs. Moreover, we offer machining services to tailor the tubes to our clients’ specifications, ensuring a seamless fit for their projects.