EN 10219

EN 10219 Meaning

EN 10219 is a European standard. That specifies the technical delivery conditions for cold formed welded structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels. 

It covers a wide range of shapes, including square, rectangular, circular, and elliptical hollow sections, which are commonly used in construction and structural engineering applications.

EN 10219 provides requirements for dimensions, tolerances, mechanical properties, and testing procedures for these hollow sections. It ensures that the sections have the necessary strength, durability, and dimensional accuracy. It meets the structural requirements of buildings, bridges, and other steel structures.

Our Products & Services

The EN 10219 Carbon Steel Pipes from UNIASEN are available in a broad range of dimensions, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect size for your specific needs.

The dimension table includes parameters like outer diameter, wall thickness, weight per unit length, and sectional area. Each dimension is precisely calibrated to meet the EN 10219 standards, ensuring that our pipes deliver optimal performance in various applications.

Whether you need pipes for large-scale construction projects or smaller civil engineering tasks, our dimension table provides a comprehensive guide to help you select the right size. With UNIASEN, you get a product that fits your needs perfectly, enhancing your project’s efficiency and success.