EN 10217

EN 10217 Meaning

EN 10217 is a European standard. That specifies the technical delivery conditions for welded steel tubes for pressure purposes. It covers both non-alloy steel tubes and fine grain steel tubes that are used in various pressure applications, such as pipelines, pressure vessels, and boilers.

EN 10217 provides requirements for dimensions, tolerances, mechanical properties, and testing procedures for these welded steel tubes. It ensures that the tubes have the necessary strength, durability, and integrity. It withstands the pressure and other operating conditions they may encounter.

Our Products & Services

The EN 10217 Carbon Steel Pipes from UNIASEN come with a detailed specification that includes dimensions, production methods, steel grades, surface finishes, end types, joint techniques, and machining services.

We customize the dimensions to meet your unique needs, while our production methods follow the highest industry standards.

With our commitment to quality and safety, we ensure that our EN 10217 Carbon Steel Pipes meet the technical delivery conditions for TR1 and TR2 qualities, as outlined in the BS EN 10217:2019 standard.