DIN 2458

What is DIN 2458?

DIN 2458 is used to specify the technical requirements and dimensions of welded steel pipes. This standard applies to welded steel pipe for general industrial and construction applications.

The requirements of DIN 2458 for welded steel pipes include chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties, and dimensional tolerances. It stipulates the requirements for the manufacturing process, welding method, weld quality and surface treatment of steel pipes. To ensure the quality and reliability of these steel pipes.

DIN 2458 is widely used in many fields, such as construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, etc.


Outer Diameter: 10.2mm to 2020mm

Wall Thickness: 6mm to 20mm

Production Procedures: seamless, welding, and ERW methods

The Surface Coatings Available: 3LPE and PTFE

Pressure Capacities Extends: From sch20 through XXS and heavier, depending on your application needs.

Minimum Yield Strength: Up to 235MPa and a minimum tensile strength of up to 510MPa.

Grade Symbols: St37.2

DIN 2458 Material Number: 1.0037

The Pipe Ends: plain, or coupling types

We also provide machining services to customize the pipes according to your requirements. Trust our DIN 2458 Pipes for their comprehensive specifications and adaptability.