DIN 1629

What is DIN 1629?

DIN 1629 covers the specification requirements for seamless steel tubes.

According to this standard, there are detailed regulations on the chemical composition, mechanical properties, dimensions and technical requirements of steel pipes.

DIN 1629 steel pipes are commonly used in hydraulic systems, automotive industry, oil and gas industry, etc.

Our Products & Services

Made from non-alloyed steels, our product’s primary grades are St 37.0, St44.0, and St52.0.

With no restrictions on working pressure values and a maximum working temperature of 300℃, our pipes are engineered to meet high-performance demands.

Our DIN 1629 ST 52 is an affordable Low Carbon Steel Tube with a maximum carbon content of 0.22%, making it highly malleable and shapable.

Our DIN 1629 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe comes with a detailed specification that includes dimensions, manufacturing procedures, steel grades, surface coatings, end types, joint methods, and machining services.