DIN 1626

What is DIN 1626?

DIN 1626 covers the specification requirements for welded steel pipes.

According to this standard, there are detailed regulations on the chemical composition, mechanical properties, dimensions and technical requirements of steel pipes.

Welded steel pipes to DIN 1626 standard are commonly used for general engineering and structural purposes such as buildings, bridges, transmission pipelines, etc.

Our Products & Services

The DIN 1626 steel pipes we offer at UNIASEN come with a detailed specification to cater to your diverse industrial needs.

These pipes, crafted from unalloyed and low alloy steels, are the ideal choice for supply chains, process plants, and storage tanks.

The pipes are available with different end types and joint methods, offering flexibility in installation. Plus, our machining services allow for customization to meet your specific requirements.

With UNIASEN, you’re investing in a product that’s designed for your success.