BS 3601

What is BS 3601?

BS 3601 applies to welded and seamless steel pipes in both low and high temperature service. Used in a variety of industrial applications including conveying liquids, gases and solid materials.

This standard includes guidance on pipe dimensions, materials, manufacturing processes, quality control, and performance requirements.

Our Products & Services

Crafted from carbon steel, these pipes are specifically designed for pressure purposes, exhibiting superior properties at room temperature.

Available in both black and galvanized finishes, they are ideal for fire protection applications.

While they possess the flexibility for bending, it is not recommended if the inside diameter of the bend is less than twelve times the pipe’s outside diameter.

UNIASEN’s BS 3601 pipes come in a comprehensive range of dimensions, making them suitable for a variety of applications. Each dimension, including size, diameter, and thickness, is accurately measured and documented to ensure you get exactly what you need.

With various surface coatings, end types, and joint methods available, we also provide machining services for a more personalized solution.