BS 3059

What is BS 3059?

BS 3059 This standard specifies the requirements and specifications for carbon steel pipes for use in boilers and heat exchangers.

The BS 3059 standard covers different types of pipes such as seamless and welded pipes. Can be used in high pressure and high temperature boiler and heat exchanger applications. These pipes are often used to transport high-pressure steam and hot water, as well as other fluids and gases.

The BS 3059 standard specifies the dimensions, chemical composition, mechanical properties, manufacturing process, and surface treatment of pipes in detail. It ensures the quality and performance of the tubing to meet the requirements of boiler and heat exchanger applications.

Our Carbon Steel Pipe & Services

These pipes are meticulously crafted from low tensile carbon steel, making them a robust and durable choice for a multitude of applications where elevated temperature properties are not a necessity.

The BS 3059 Steel Pipes from UNIASEN come with a detailed specification that encompasses all facets of their construction and manufacturing.

Whether you need a pipe with high tensile strength for heavy-duty applications or one with superior corrosion resistance for harsh environments, we have a grade to match.