What is ASTM A589?

ASTM A589 is used for the manufacture of seamless and welded carbon steel water well casings.

This standard specification specifies requirements for the chemical composition, mechanical properties and physical properties of casing to ensure its reliability and durability in the wellsite environment.

ASTM A589 casing is commonly used in water wells and groundwater resource extraction, and is widely used for its corrosion resistance, high strength and good sealing performance.

Products & Services

These carbon steel pipes, available in seamless and welded versions, are designed to be robust, durable, and reliable.

Our product range includes four types of pipes:

  • Type I (drive pipe)
  • Type II (water-well reamed and drifted pipe)
  • Type III (driven well pipe)
  • Type IV (water-well casing pipe)

Our manufacturing processes include open-hearth, electric furnace, or basic-oxygen methods, guaranteeing the finest quality steel.

With UNIASEN’s pipes, you can look forward to improved water flow, minimal leakage, and increased well stability.