Top 10 Steel Pipe Manufacturers in China

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China is currently standing at the forefront of the worldwide steel pipe industry. One of the main reasons is the industrialization of the Chinese economy in recent years.

Moreover, China’s influence on the world stage is also because of its quality products. Its advanced technologies have also added value to its reputation.

In the meantime, steel pipes find their uses in various applications depending on the industrial needs. China has a good reputation around the globe for steel pipe manufacturing. That’s why it’s one of the biggest exporters of sturdy and strong pipes.

You may want to import pipes with a lifelong warranty. We’re enlisting the top 10 China steel pipe manufacturers.

1. Hengyang Steel Tube Co Ltd.

Hengyang Steel Tube Co. Ltd. is one of China’s biggest seamless steel pipe manufacturers. Its reputation relies on its state-of-the-art manufacturing as well as precision engineering. Their after-sales service system makes them a unique Chinese steel manufacturing industry option.

Main Products

  • Precision tubes
  • Seamless steel pipes


  • Seamless steel pipes for diverse applications
  • Adherence to quality standards
  • Products have high durability and are reliable
  • Precision tubes designed according to engineering needs
  • Committed Chinese steel pipe manufacturers to bring innovation

2. UniAsen (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.

UniAsen is a reliable exporter and supplier of high-quality carbon steel pipes. It started in 1998 and has provided wholesale carbon steel products since. It is present in a major economic center of Tianjin and is a full-service trading factory. It utilizes high-quality iron ore as raw material. The reason is to ensure the production of premium pipes and fittings. Besides that, using advanced manufacturing equipment adds value to its products.

Their clients include some of the biggest names in the industry. Their names are CNPC, PETROBRAS and VAN LEEUWEN. And with 20,000 tons of pipes in stock, UniAsen ensures a seamless delivery in 7 days, which is remarkable.

Main Products

  • ERW Pipes
  • LSAW pipes
  • Seamless carbon pipes
  • Carbon steel pipes
  • Pipe fittings
  • Hollow structural section


  • Adherence to over 50 international They include EN10219 and API 5L, to guarantee superior quality.
  • Experienced workforce
  • Carbon steel pipes manufacturing for diverse market needs
  • Prompt delivery within a week

UniAsen embodies a legacy and commitment to customer satisfaction. It has emerged as your go-to partner for all carbon steel pipe requirements. This makes it the best carbon steel pipe supplier.

3. Baosteel Group Corporation

Baosteel Group has played a vital role in shaping China’s steel industry. They have a comprehensive range of steel products that sets them apart. The company sources its raw materials from different alloys. They include steel vanadium-titanium hot-rolled coils and Panzhihua Iron. This helps them meet quality standards. It also makes them one of the unique china steel pipe manufacturers.

Main Products

  • ERW steel pipes
  • Seamless pipes
  • Stainless steel pipes


  • Experienced workforce to meet international standards
  • Strong emphasis on research and development
  • A diverse range of products

Such a portfolio makes this company an influential steel pipe manufacturer.

4. Tianjin Pipe Corporation (TPCO)

TPCO is present in the lively economic center of Tianjin. TPCO has emerged as a distinguished unit in steel pipe manufacturing. They specialize in stainless steel pipes and seamless pipes. The use of technical equipment PQF, REM, MPM, and ASSEL to have fine steel pipes is common here. On top of that, they use high-quality iron ore as raw material. As a result, the company ends up being the best steel pipe supplier in China.

Main Products

  • Seamless steel pipes
  • Drill pipes
  • High-pressure boiler tubes
  • Oil well pipes
  • Fluid transport pipes
  • Casing and tubing


  • Cutting-edge and advanced production technology
  • Specialized products for the industrial sector, or you can say the energy sector
  • Largest steel pipe manufacturer

The company’s superior raw materials and strategic location make it one of the best in the business.

5. Jiangsu Changbao Steel Tube Co. Ltd.

Jiangsu Changbao Steel Tube Co. Ltd. is a Jiangsu-based steel pipe manufacturing company. It is the biggest exporter of heat exchanger tubes and steel pipes in the Jiangsu province. They use a combination of advanced equipment with superior iron ore. The ultimate goal is to deliver the best quality steel pipes.

Main Products

  • Boiler tubes
  • Seamless steel pipes
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Durable mechanical tubes


  • Specialized in high-pressure applications for robust solutions
  • Adaptability to various industrial needs
  • Focused on precision engineering to make high-quality products

The company has emerged as an industry leader. It has also added its name to the list of the best China steel pipe manufacturers.

6. Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Co. Ltd.

If you’re looking for industry-specific expertise, Baoji Petroleum is your solution. It has established itself as a leader in the petroleum industry. That’s because it is providing advanced technologies to that sector. It is present in Baoji City, China. The company exports steel pipes to petroleum industries across the globe.

Main Products

  • Corrosion-resistant steel pipes
  • Line Pipes
  • Oil Country tubular goods


  • Specialized expertise in pipes manufacturing for the petroleum sector
  • Products have high durability

The company has a diverse product range and advanced manufacturing processes. That is why it’s on the list of the best Chinese steel pipe manufacturers.

7. Hunan Standard Steel Co. Ltd.

Hunan Standard Steel Co. is another addition to the leading steel pipe manufacturers in China. The company uses the world’s most technical equipment. It also has the largest capacity production base. Its rich industrial heritage combines with its strategic location. It helps contribute to the global steel market needs. The company utilizes iron ore and other premium-grade raw materials.

Main Products

  • Steel Plates
  • ERW Pipes
  • Seamless steel pipes
  • Pipe fittings


  • Stringent quality checks to meet international standards
  • Versatile products with adaptability to different market needs
  • Advanced manufacturing processes to ensure high-capacity

The company is trying to reshape the future of the global steel market.

8. Shagang Group

Shagang Group is a powerhouse in China’s steel industry. It is one of the leading steel pipe suppliers and producers in Jiangsu province of China. The company uses coking coal, iron ore, and different alloys as raw materials. This results in the production of high-quality steel that is being used across the world.


  • Cold-rolled steel with enhanced surface quality
  • Hot-rolled steel for applications in infrastructure projects and construction
  • Wire rods for different industrial applications
  • Steel plates


  • Vertical integration in the production process
  • Eco-friendlier practices
  • Major products for machinery manufacturing

Shagang Group is keen on bringing innovation to the industry. However, its major products have uses in construction and machinery manufacturing.

9. Wuxi Xingye Seamless Steel Tube Co. Ltd.

Are you looking for reliability and precision in the seamless steel industry? Wuxi Xingye Seamless Steel Tube Co. Ltd. in China is your go-to partner in this. The company provides seamless steel tubes with enhanced surface and good quality. It focuses more on its selection of raw materials. It utilizes steel alloys, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. This sets the stage to produce steel tubes of high caliber.


  • Seamless steel tubes for construction and automotive industries
  • Precision steel tubes for precision machinery


  • The use of precision engineering to deliver tubes with accurate dimensions
  • Customization options are available depending on customer needs
  • Timely delivery

Customer satisfaction is the main motto of the company. Due to this reason, the company is among the best carbon steel pipe suppliers.

10. Tianjin THHY International Co. Ltd.

THHY is another large manufacturer of steel pipes and sheets in China. It focuses on collaborations inside the country. The main aim is to produce different products for exporting purposes. The raw materials they use include carbon steel and stainless steel. Their main customers are the machinery industry and oil industries.


  • Steel coil
  • Steel sheet
  • Steel pipe
  • Copper pipe


  • Business relationships and collaborations with other manufacturers to ensure high-quality products
  • Customization is available depending on the client’s requirements

THHY acts like a bridge to connect various companies. It also works worldwide to provide steel pipes to different industries.


Steel manufacturing has a vast landscape. We’ve explored the top 10 steel pipe manufacturers in China here.

Each of them contributes to the industries in its own way. There are giants like the Shagang group, which can take the game away.

However, the presence of UniAsen is what illuminates the carbon steel pipe sector. With vast experience and global impact, UniAsen stands out among its competitors.

No wonder why it’s one of the best China steel pipe manufacturers. UniAsen has emerged as a leader in the steel industry in China in recent years. If you are looking for a reliable carbon steel pipe supplier, contact a UNIASEN expert for a free quote and size sheet.