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Designed meticulously for the primary purpose of safeguarding lives and assets, our fire protection pipe is crafted from robust carbon steel.

Its primary function is to transport water or other liquids to connect firefighting equipment, ensuring a rapid response during emergencies.

Coated in red or with a red anti-corrosion epoxy, it stands distinct from other pipelines, ensuring easy identification during critical moments.

Given its static installation, we’ve ensured the highest quality standards, making it resistant to pressure, corrosion, and high temperatures.

When you choose our fire sprinkler pipe, you’re investing in unparalleled safety and durability.

Available Sizes

UNIASEN’s Fire Sprinkler Pipe is available in a comprehensive range of sizes to cater to diverse needs.

With diameters spanning from ½ inches (15mm) to 24 inches (21.34mm) for ERW and 1/8 inches to 36 inches for Seamless pipes, we’ve got you covered. Wall thickness is determined by the specific application and safety requirements.

Whether you’re looking for pipes for residential complexes, industrial setups, or large-scale infrastructures, our range ensures you find the perfect fit.

Fire Sprinkler Pipe Technical Parameters

Our fire sprinkler pipe features a versatile epoxy coating system that can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. The coating provides a durable and protective layer, with a distinctive red color on the surface.

  • Coating Thickness: From 250 um to 550 um.
  • Size Variations Span: From DN15 to DN1200.
  • Working Temperature: -30℃ to 80℃.
  • Working Pressure: Between 0.1 Mpa to 0.25 Mpa.

They can be connected through threaded, grooved, or flanged methods and are ideal for water, gas, and firefighting bubble transmission.

Fire Sprinkler Pipe suppliers_Fire Pipe

Manufacturing Processes

UNIASEN’s fire protection pipe undergoes rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure top-tier quality.

We primarily employ ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) and SMLS (Seamless) techniques.

ERW involves rolling steel coils into tubes and connecting them using electric resistance welding.

On the other hand, Seamless pipes are crafted from hollowed-out steel billets without any welded areas, ensuring strength and resistance to corrosion.

Every step is overseen by experts to ensure the final product meets the highest industry standards.

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Connection Types for Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Our fire sprinkler pipe offers diverse connection types based on diameter. For pipes below DN100, threaded and coupling connections are ideal.

Grooved and clamp connections suit DN50 to DN300, while flange connections are recommended for pipes above DN50.

For those installed sub-ground, welding offers the strongest bond, especially using double metal weld, ensuring longevity and resistance to geological subsidence.

Notably, the grooved pipe end and grooved pipe fittings are commonly and widely used in firefighting systems. The process involves creating a groove on the pipe end, ensuring no damage to the internal wall. This connection type is advantageous as it avoids damage to internal coatings, which can occur with weld or flange connections.

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fire sprinkler pipe suppliers_fire sprinkler pipe connections

Fire Sprinkler Pipe Fittings

Our fire sprinkler pipe fittings are versatile, ranging from Elbows, Tees, Reducing Tees, to Cross and Caps.

These can be crafted from carbon, alloy, or stainless steel, with coatings like red paint, epoxy, or zinc. Connection types mirror those of the pipes, ensuring seamless integration.

Particularly, our grooved fittings, such as Elbow, Tee, and Cross, offer faster installations and easier maintenance, making them the first choice in fire sprinkler systems.

fire sprinkler pipe fittings

Typical Production Standards

At UNIASEN, we pride ourselves on adhering to the highest production standards.

We can provide pipes that comply with ASMT A53, ASTM A106, ASTM A135, ASTM A795, and are UL Listed and FM Approved. These benchmarks ensure the safety, durability, and efficiency of our fire protection pipe.

From material selection to manufacturing processes, every step aligns with globally recognized standards, ensuring that when you choose UNIASEN, you’re choosing unparalleled quality.

How to Select the Right Product

Choosing the right fire protection pipe is crucial for safety and efficiency.

Begin by assessing your specific needs, considering factors like the area size, expected flow rate, and potential hazards.

Opt for pipes with coatings that best suit your environment, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Always check for certifications and standards compliance. Remember, while cost is a factor, never compromise on quality.

With UNIASEN, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in peace of mind. Trust our expertise, and let us guide you to the perfect solution.

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