Los 10 principales fabricantes de tubos de acero sin costura en 2024

seamless steel pipe supplier

The steel industry is one of the large-scale sectors worldwide. It has a strong industry reputation.

With the evolution of technology, the demand will grow further. Seamless steel pipes have also increased the demand worldwide. Because of their seamless nature, these pipes help in developing real-world structures. They are important for building, plumbing, and other industrial uses.

Different companies operate in the market for seamless steel pipe manufacturing. Every firm follows a different process and has its pros and cons. But don’t worry. We will help you choose the right seamless steel pipe manufacturing companies.

This article will present the top 10 seamless steel pipe manufacturing companies. But before diving right into the countdown, let’s understand the term first.

What is a Seamless Steel Pipe?

Let’s start from the basics: pipes that do not have welds are tubos sin costura. These often have a carbon steel composition.

All stainless steel and metal steel pipes have seamless advantages. They offer an increase in strength, reliability, and corrosion resistance. These benefits make them ideal for diverse industrial processes. This includes Oil, gas, chemicals, and power generation.

All seamless steel pipe manufacturing companies design products at high pressures. They turn solid steel into round bodies (billets) that are then forged into a pipe structure. Seamless pipes become corrosion-resistant and offer higher resistance than welding pipes. The manufacturing process involves several steps. These include

  • Hot rolling
  • Cold Drawing
  • Extrusion
  • Piercing

After carrying out these steps, a seamless steel pipe can get its final shape. Steel pipe manufacturers follow unique methods for making efficient steel pipes. One primary method or practice is the Mannesmann process. Manufacturing companies use this technique to produce pipes that work in special environments. Also, they use the latest technology for design and production.

List of 10 Seamless Steel Pipe Manufacturers

Seamless steel manufacturing companies offer high strength and reliability. They also manufacture seamless tube260 mm for various purposes. Here is the list of the top 10 companies for seamless pipes.


UniAsen Co. Ltd is a top-of-the-line Chinese seamless steel pipe manufacturer. The company offers a wide range of products. It provides wholesale piping solutions and has a strong presence. UniAsen’s portfolio contains all industrial products. It includes ERW, SSAW, LSAW, and SMLS pipes. Check out the differences between seamless and welded pipes.

With over 28 years of expertise, UniAsen specializes in seamless steel pipe manufacturing. You can get a good quality product at affordable rates. The company meets all the international quality standards. 

The key features are diverse products, strong market presence, and fast delivery.  

US Steel Tubular Products

US Steel Tubular Products is a US-based firm that manufactures various tubular products. The company is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and supplies its products in the energy sector. 

US Steel Tubular Prodcuts Inc. has a very reputable role in seamless steel pipe manufacturing. They have an extensive range of variety in seamless pipes. The company also supplies these products in the oil and gas sectors.  

For drilling, exploration, and transportation, the company has a strong portfolio of projects. US Steel Tubular Products play an integral role in developing energy infrastructure. It delivers quality to the energy infrastructure while complying with energy standards.

Totten Tubes

Totten Tubes is an American firm that specializes in custom tubing solutions. The company operates in Azusa, California.

The company has proven expertise in square steel tubing. Experts at Totten Tubes can craft a wide array of materials. These include carbon steel, seamless, and stainless steel. 

It has a prominent reputation in the pipe manufacturing market. It also specializes in Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) steel tubes. These are necessary for large-scale steel construction. Totten Tubes provides custom tubing for automotive, agricultural, commercial, and steel industries. 

American Piping Products

American Piping Products is the next seamless steel pipe manufacturer on the list. It is a key player in seamless steel pipe manufacturing, especially tubing. The company shares a strong portfolio with a diverse range of products. It has welded and seamless pipes. 

Other than that, tubes, flanges, and fittings are also present. American Piping products are well known for optimal strength products. 

These offerings make it suitable for genuine fluid transport applications. For instance, American Piping Products is a good chemical processing option. It has complete certification and compliance with manufacturing standards. 

Bri Steel Manufacturing

Another reputable seamless pipe manufacturing company is Bri Steel Manufacturing. This Canadian firm operates in large-diameter Seamless Steel Pipes. The company also offers low-temp piping solutions. These pipes undergo various processes. 

For instance, thermal pipe expansion and laser measurement. All these operations make seamless pipe production accurate. The straightening process also crops the fragments that descale the pipe. 

The pipes at Bri Steel Manufacturing use quality standards. They crop the fragments for non-destructive and Hydro testing. These processes make it ideal for all industrial applications. 

Oshwin Overseas

If you are looking for a seamless steel pipe company in 2024, Oshwin Overseas is a decent solution. This Indian firm specializes in the steel manufacturing process. Their portfolio covers high nickel alloy and stainless steel. 

Oshwin Overseas has a good presence in India and other markets for pipes and tubes. Its products are durable. Oshwin Overseas leaves no weak points for the development of seamless steel pipes. 

The company has a smooth internal structure. They use the latest instruments for smoother pipe surfaces. 

Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.

Moving on to the next company, we have Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co. This is a Chinese seamless steel pipe manufacturing firm. It operates in Changsha, Hunan, and specializes in carbon steel pipe. They offer other affordable and quality products, such as hollow sections. 

Their wide offerings include Electric resistance welded steel pipes. Spiral submerged arc welded pipes are also present. 

Moreover, the company provides rectangular steel tubes that help in pipe fittings. Piping spools, cable protectors, and coatings are key offerings from Permanent Steel Manufacturing. 

ANSSEN Metallurgy Group

ANSSEN Metallurgy Group is another firm that manufactures seamless pipes. It is also a Chinese company that produces mechanical equipment. The company specializes in graphite and plasma electrodes. 

For seamless steel pipe manufacturing, ANSSEN Metallurgy Group has a diverse portfolio. It starts with finned tubes, carbon steel pipes, and casting products. They produce products that have high mechanical strength because of custom processes. 

ANSSEN serves many industries, including foundry, metal smelting, and steel. They all trust the company for its efficient, seamless steel pipe manufacturing products. 

Husteel Industry Group

Husteel Industry Group has a good reputation among seamless pipe manufacturers in 2024. This Chinese company manufactures seamless steel pipes that come in a diverse variety. It also offers tubes and welded pipes that have high corrosion resistance.

The adaptability and process Husteel Industry group follows is well maintained. This makes it a reputable engineering applications company in the region. 

Diverse industries are consumers of  Husteel Industry Group products. These include equipment fabrication and structural. 

Jiangsu Haotie Metal Products

Another decent option on the list is Jiangsu Haotie Metal Products Co. Ltd. It is another Chinese seamless steel pipe manufacturer with a strong portfolio. The company operates in Jiangsu, China. It offers various steel products, including tubes, flanges, and durable fittings.

All Jiangsu Haotie offerings have incredible strength and last longer in normal conditions. The company uses the latest technology as per industrial standards. Petrochemical and fluid transportation businesses trust Jiangsu for seamless steel pipe manufacturing. 

How to Choose a Seamless Steel Pipe Manufacturer

To choose a seamless steel pipe manufacturer, you must consider several factors. These include material quality, size and dimensions, application requirements, and pressure ratings. This is not the base, as supplier reputation also plays a pivotal role. Their previous working portfolio and offerings matter. 

Before choosing a seamless steel pipe manufacturer, look for reputable companies. After portfolio assessment, look for the type of product. Different companies specialize in various products. One must make the right decisions as it can impact business longevity. Another rule of thumb is to perform research. It helps in expert advice that saves costs and time for businesses. Here are some points for choosing the right seamless steel pipe manufacturer:

  1. Strong Market Presence
  2. Industry Experience
  3. Competitive Prices
  4. On-time delivery
  5. Long-term Product Support


Seamless steel pipe manufacturing is a key process in today’s world. Industries rely on it as it impacts a project’s success. Always ensure to choose the right firm that saves you costs and headaches. It is not always the cost; sometimes, you must pay attention to detail.

This blog highlighted the top 10 companies that offer seamless steel pipe solutions. These are reputable firms that specialize in manufacturing customized products.

Choosing the right company can help you save thousands. It also helps in efficient and reliable piping solutions. You must choose a supplier who ensures comprehensive support for the project.