Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication is the process of welding piping components such as pipes, elbows, tees, and flanges into designed piping systems that meet our clients’ design specifications. Our specialization is fabrication services. We manufacture pipe spools, mechanical components, skids, and multi-trade modules that are shipped to various project locations throughout the world.

Pipelines are used to carry fluids such as vapors, gases, slurries, and powders at varying pressures and temperatures. The conveyance of these materials typically places the pipe under extreme loads and strains, requiring the pipe to function at its best.

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What is Steel Fabrication?


Steel Fabrication is an important part of our society’s infrastructure because it ensures that the commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities on which we rely and work are safely designed, mechanically correct, and thoroughly tested or examined for the service the piping system was designed for. Steel Fabrication is normally conducted by professional craftsmen and comprises cutting, beveling, welding, and bending (or other pipe forming processes).

Pipe production necessitates a high degree of precision among hundreds of components, as well as difficult assembly and installation operations. Steel Fabrication is required in every construction project that involves a network of pipelines because it requires detailed planning, scheduling, and execution in accordance with the design, location, timing, and budget requirements.

Where Steel Fabrications are Used?

Power Generation Plants

We offer complete Steel Fabrication services for a variety of power plant types, including biomass, cogeneration, combined cycle, hydro, nuclear, single-cycle, solar, and thermal. Our skills in a variety of materials, products, and specification requirements provide a one-stop shop for any energy infrastructure project.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Whether at a municipal or private industrial site, our water/wastewater expertise benefits the environment while also ensuring human comfort and well-being. We offer the resources needed to finish your project on schedule, from labor to equipment. We’ve invested in specialized equipment that allows us to respond quickly to your pipe manufacturing needs. We offer fabrication services for all phases of the treatment and processing cycle, including aeration, coagulation, desalination, disinfection, filtration, pre-chlorination, and sedimentation.

Oil, Gas & Pipeline Facilities

As a single-source provider, we provide specialized process pipe and skid fabrication for pipeline and facility building projects. We offer welding, painting, quality control, and other fabrication services for various phases of the oil and gas processing cycle, such as conversion, purification, and separation. Launcher/receiver stations, metering stations, compressor stations, processing facilities, and transmission sites are all part of the projects.

Food & Beverage Facilities

Fabricating process pipe systems for food and beverage clients is a project that should be done by skilled professionals. Our track record of successful projects covering a wide range of customers and food industry project types such as production plants, packaging facilities, and distribution centers demonstrates our adherence to demanding customer specification needs.

Manufacturing Facilities

Around the world, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities are being constructed. These facilities rely on a variety of mechanical systems on a regular basis. From new construction to maintenance, we can provide process mechanical and piping solutions tailored to your operation.

Multi-Trade Modular Prefabrication

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system installation might necessitate rigorous attention to detail and exact coordination with many professions. The prefabrication of multi-trade racking systems enables the construction of several mechanical components in a temperature-controlled environment offsite.

Why Choosing Steel Fabrication?

There are several advantages to using structural steel into construction and other projects; yet, the products themselves can be complicated, necessitating the use of professional structural steel fabrication teams.

Cost Saving

Steel is both stronger and less expensive than other metals. It adds greater value in the variety of fabrication sectors where it is used.

Capability to Prefabricate

Structural steel is often delivered in the pre-fabrication phase and produced on-site in the construction and other sectors. Pre-fabrication reduces the amount of work that must be done on-site, allowing projects to move more quickly.

Low Maintenance

Other than steel, other materials require more upkeep. Wood, for example, is prone to insect infestation and can deteriorate under acidic weather conditions. Steel, on the other hand, is readily mended and lasts a long time.


Simply put, steel looks amazing and may improve the aesthetic of a variety of projects, regardless of the look desired.

Environment Friendly

Steel is ecologically beneficial since it can be reused and recycled indefinitely. It also needs less energy to manufacture and emits less carbon dioxide.

High Strength


Structural steel is extremely robust while weighing up to one-third less than equivalent metals.

Structural steel is pliable and may be tailored to match project standards, especially when welders and fabricators are competent. Because structural steel is an alloy, its physical and mechanical qualities may be tailored to meet specific requirements.

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