JIS G 3462

JIS G 3462 Meaning & Product Description

JIS G 3462 is a standard number of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). It is used to specify the requirements for seamless steel pipes for alloy steel boilers and heat exchangers. These steel pipes are usually used in industrial equipment such as high-temperature and high-pressure boilers, heat exchangers, and heating equipment to transfer high-temperature fluids (such as steam, hot water, etc.).

At UNIASEN, we specialize in the provision of JIS G 3462 alloy steel tubes, engineered for optimal performance in boiler and heat exchanger applications. 

Available in a range of grades such as STBA12, STBA13, STBA20, STBA22, STBA23, STBA24, STBA25, and STBA26. We also offer U-bend tubes created through a precise cold-bending process. 


Our JIS G 3462 alloy steel tubes are meticulously crafted, with dimensions spanning an outside diameter of 15.9 mm to 139.8 mm. We also offer bespoke machining services to meet your unique needs.

The specific content of the standard

The JIS G 3462 standard covers several different alloy steel grades and size ranges. It suits the needs of different industrial equipment. These steel pipes usually need to work in a high temperature and high pressure environment. So their materials, manufacturing process and performance requirements need to strictly meet the standard regulations. This ensures their safety and reliability.
The IS G 3462 standard usually covers the following aspects:

  • Material composition
    The standard specifies the chemical composition requirements for alloy steel pipes. This includes the content of various alloying elements. The addition of these alloying elements can improve the corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance of steel pipes in high temperature environments.
  • Dimensions and Dimensional Tolerances
    The standard specifies the size range of alloy steel pipes and the allowable dimensional tolerances. This helps ensure pipe consistency during manufacture and reliability during assembly and use.
  • Mechanical properties
    JIS G 3462 stipulates the mechanical properties requirements of alloy steel pipes. This includes tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, etc. These performance requirements ensure the durability of the pipeline under high temperature and high pressure working conditions.
  • Heat treatment
    The standard may include heat treatment requirements for alloy steel pipes. It ensures that the microstructure and properties of the pipe material meet the requirements specified in the standard.
  • Tests and Inspections
    Standards also usually specify the tests and inspection methods that alloy steel pipes use. They need to undergo to verify compliance with the standard requirements. These tests may involve chemical analysis, mechanical performance testing, impact testing, etc.

In summary, the JIS G 3462 standard covers all aspects of seamless steel tubes for alloy steel boilers and heat exchangers. From materials to dimensions, performance, and quality control. This ensures the reliability and safety of these steel tubes under high temperatures and high pressure conditions.