JIS G 3456

JIS G 3456 meaning

JIS G 3456 is a standard number of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). It is used to specify the requirements for low-temperature carbon steel pipes.

These steel pipes are often used for delivery piping under cryogenic conditions. It is used in liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing, low temperature chemical engineering and other fields.

We are supplying top grade JIS G 3456 carbon steel pipes to our customers. These steel pipes are specially designed to handle high temperatures in excess of 350°C.
It can be widely used in boilers, electric power, machinery, gas storage tanks, chemical engineering, ocean engineering and petroleum engineering and other fields.


Outer diameter: 15.0 to 660mm

wall thickness: 2 to 50mm

We provide both electric resistance welded (ERW) and seamless pipes, produced through hot finished or cold finished manufacturing processes.

The steel grades on offer are STPT370, STPT410, and STPT480. The pipes are available with plain or beveled ends, and we offer custom lengths as needed. Each pipe is treated with a protective coating to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion. And we offer a variety of joint methods and machining services to accommodate your specific requirements.

Mechanical Requirement

strengths of 215 MPa, 245 MPa, and 315 MPa for the STPT370, STPT410, and STPT480 grades, respectively.

Steel Grades

We offer JIS G 3456 Carbon Steel Pipes in a variety of steel grades, including STPT370, STPT410, and STPT480.

These grades differ in terms of their yield strength, providing you with options to choose the most appropriate one for your specific application.

The STPT370 grade has a minimum yield strength of 215 MPa, the STPT410 grade has a minimum yield strength of 245 MPa, and the STPT480 grade has a minimum yield strength of 315 MPa.