JIS G 3455

JIS G 3455 meaning

JIS G 3455 is a standard number of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). Used to specify requirements for carbon steel pipes for high temperature service.

These steel pipes are usually used in high temperature and high pressure equipment and piping systems. Such as petrochemical, heat exchanger, boiler and other fields.

These pipes are designed to perform reliably under extreme conditions. Withstanding temperatures up to an approximate maximum of 350℃.


  • Outside diameter: 19.05mm to 114.3mm
  • Wall thickness: 2.0mm to 14mm
  • Maximum length: 16000mm
  • Steel grades: STS370, STS410, and STS480

The JIS G 3455 standard usually includes the following aspects:

  • Material ingredient
  • Dimensions and Dimensional Tolerances
  • Mechanical behavior
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Test and inspection

In high temperature environments, proper material and piping selection is critical. The JIS G 3455 standard ensures the quality and performance of carbon steel pipes for high-temperature service. This meets specific engineering requirements in high-temperature environments. And aslo provides reliable material selection for equipment and piping systems in high-temperature fields.