JIS G 3454

JIS G 3454 meaning

JIS G 3454 is a standard number of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). It is used to specify the requirements for carbon steel pipes, which are mainly used in high-pressure, high-temperature transmission systems, such as oil, natural gas, steam and other fluids .

These pipes, crafted to withstand pressure service at an approximate maximum temperature of 350℃. 
The purpose of the JIS G 3454 standard is to ensure that pipes have sufficient strength, corrosion resistance, and durability under high temperature and high pressure conditions.


The JIS G 3454 Carbon Steel Pipes offer a variety of sizes, lengths, and diameters. It allows you to select the perfect fit for your specific requirements.
The steel grades STPG 410 and STPG 370 are used, both known for their resilience and strength.
STPG 410 is known for its high tensile strength and yield point, making it suitable for high-pressure applications. STPG 370, on the other hand, offers excellent ductility and toughness, making it ideal for use in machinery and automotive parts.