JIS G 3444

JIS G 3444 Meaning

JIS G 3444 tubes, also known as black steel pipes, are manufactured in strict adherence to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS G 3444, ensuring their robustness and reliability.

JIS G 3444 is a specification used to define the requirements for carbon steel pipes that are commonly used for general structural and mechanical purposes. These steel pipes are commonly used in general structural engineering. Such as buildings, bridges, roads, supports, drainage pipes, wind power towers and some mechanical engineering applications.

Our Service

We offer JIS G 3444 Structural Steel Tubes in a range of steel grades. The grades include STK290, STK400, STK500, and STK490, each offering varying levels of strength, ductility, and toughness.

Our JIS G 3444 Structural Steel Tubes come with detailed specifications that include dimensions, production procedures, steel grades, surface coatings, end types, joint methods, and machining services. The tubes are available in a wide array of dimensions to cater to your specific requirements.