JIS G 3429

What is JIS G 3429?

JIS G 3429 is used to specify the requirements for seamless steel pipes. It is mainly used in high-pressure gas and fluid applications such as high-pressure cylinders, compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuel systems.

Seamless steel pipe is a pipe that is formed by forging a billet into a tube at high temperature, and does not need to be perforated during the process.
The main purpose of the JIS G 3429 standard is to ensure that seamless steel pipes have sufficient strength, corrosion resistance and durability under high pressure and high temperature conditions. This meets the special needs of high-pressure gas and fluid delivery.

Our Service

We offer JIS G 3429 Seamless Steel Tubes in a variety of steel grades, including the popular STH22 grade. 

Our tubes can be customized with various surface coatings, end types, and joint methods. We offer a bespoke solution for your specific needs. We also provide machining services for further customization of your tubes, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into your operations.