API 5L Line Pipe


API 5L Line Pipe

Category: Carbon Steel Pipe

Application: Oil & Gas, Steel Fabrication, Water Transmission

End Finishing: Beveled End, Plain End, Threaded End, Grooved End, Shouldered End, Flared End, Swaged End, etc.

Surface Coating: Anti-Rust Oil, Black Lacquer, Clear Varnish, FBE Coating, Insultion Coating, Polyethylene Coating, Galvanizing


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What is API 5L Line Pipe?

The American Petroleum Institute regulates the API 5L. The API 5L specification applies to pipes used in the petroleum, gas, and water distribution industries to transport oil, gas, and water. It can be read directly on the API website.

The American Petroleum Institute Specification, abbreviated as API, is the principal trade promotion organization of the American industry, as well as a non-profit industry group combining Petroleum exploration, production, storage, transportation, and sales. It has a lengthy history of establishing petroleum measuring standards.